Our two-month arts residency is conducted twice a week for eight weeks (16 in-school sessions), followed by an assembly presentation and a culminating event –- the BALLROOM BASIX BASH! –- wherein participating schools are invited to dance with one another and showcase what students learned during the residency. Additionally, many schools integrate their BALLROOM BASIX curriculum into graduation or moving–up ceremonies. We also have a HALF RESIDENCY, once-a-week (10 session) option available!

Our unique, non-competitive syllabus and methodology have been tested and refined for more than 6 years, thanks to extensive input and feedback from child development specialists, educators, parents, students, consultants and supporters. Our syllabus includes MERENGUE, FOXTROT, TANGO, RHUMBA, SWING, and WALTZ. Second and third year syllabi include SALSA and CHA CHA CHA. Students also enjoy a country–western favorite unique to our program – THE BARN DANCE.

Our teaching artists, volunteers and liaisons function to preserve the integrity and consistency of each residency. Consequently, connection, cooperation and camarederie are fostered among all the children we serve. The hallmark of our program is a fun–filled atmosphere where students rotate among their peers every dance, thereby ensuring that all children have the opportunity to dance with one another (regardless of shape, size, ability or popularity), underscoring the program’s intention of maximizing social/physical interaction equally (and respectfully) among classmates – hence out motto:

"Making manners matter, every move we make!"

For specific details about how to contribute to BALLROOM BASIX, click on the "Donate" link on our Dance Card....and thank you for supporting this vital work!

If you'd like to bring our innovative initiative to your school or district, please click on the "Contact Us" link and we will be happy to give you more information. We look forward to BALLROOM BASIX becoming an integral part of your school's culture. Read our student testimonials for more firsthand accounts of the transformational impact of our dynamic, non-competitive programming.


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