May 5, 2020

Dear Educators & Parents :

First and foremost, we hope that you, your colleagues, friend and families are well and safe during this time of so much uncertainty. I don’t think any of us could imagine living through a modern-day plague that forced the closure of schools and impacted everyone’s lives and livelihood so drastically.

Despite these hardships, BALLROOM BASIX USA, Inc. rose to the challenge! We created innovative ways in which to contribute to an ongoing cultural and artistic connection with the schoolchildren we so proudly serve. A couple of weeks ago, we launched our very first BBX VLE (Virtual Learning Experience) classes, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Here’s what a teacher and mother had to say about the first day of classes:

“Ballroom Basix just went virtual! Today was the definition of true collaboration. There was someone to model the dancing (wearing the world’s most adorable “Right” and “Left” on her BBX t-shirt!), someone to type specific dance names, and a teacher to offer students live feedback. The energy in this session was undeniable! I am so happy that we had so many students and parents in attendance to enjoy this as early as Session 1!” C. Rodriguez, 4th grade teacher, Harborview Elementary School, PS 59, Staten Island

“My daughter had a nice time in your Virtual Ballroom Basix class. Please let “Miss Zoe” know it made her feel very acknowledged and appreciated when she was addressed as “Miss Opal” with excitement in Zoe’s voice. What you may not have seen was that she and her brother had gotten dressed up for Ballroom Basix dancing. Thank you!” C. Dueñas, Proud Mother, Harborview Elementary School, PS 59, Staten Island

We are so proud to have our most senior female Teaching Artist, Miss Zoe, to pilot this important project. Here’s what she has said about our new program.”As the first BBX TA to teach “virtual” dance classes, it is clear to me that students, their siblings and parents are all looking for ways to be lifted from the depression and isolation of quarantine. Their lives are far too sedentary; boredom and anxiety are setting in, so the fact that we can get ‘em up -— energetically exercising! -— is a wonderful way to promote mental and physical health, as well as family cohesion, as part of a culturally and artistically enriching experience.”

Please contact us if you are interested in BBX VLE classes in May or June. And, of course,
we look forward to the new school year when we can dance with you and your students in person once again! In the meantime, enjoy our MACORONARENA dance, and be safe!!


Sidney “Dr. Dance” Grant, Founder & Executive/Artistic Director, BALLROOM BASIX USA