Dance nonprofit launches powerful parody: The“MACORONARENA!”

BALLROOM BASIX USA (BBX), New York City’s only large-scale noncompetitive partner dancing program for schoolchildren, is set to release a powerful parody in response to the COVID-19 crisis: the “MACORONARENA,” inspired by the famous “macarena” song and line dance from the ‘90s. It has been reinvented — lyrically, musically and choreographically —
by BBX Founder/Artistic Director Sidney “Dr. Dance” Grant as a dynamic way to remind people of the vital importance of social distancing and PPE through song and dance!
“The arts have always had the power to inform, entertain and inspire,” Mr. Grant excitedly explained, “This professionally produced music video hopes to do exactly that, in a way that not only reflects the “fun, fitness and fancy footwork” of our creative curriculum, but promotes health and safety at a time when more than 1 million people are infected with the coronavirus in the U.S. and over 70,000 people have died.”
Miss Zoe, one of the nonprofit’s most senior Teaching Artists, elaborated on the purpose of the project. “As the first BBX TA to teach “virtual” dance classes in the past couple of weeks, it is clear to me that students, their siblings and parents are all looking for ways to be lifted from the depression and isolation of quarantine. Their lives are far too sedentary. Boredom and anxiety are setting in. The fact that we can get them up off their sofas and out of their chairs and beds—energetically exercising!—is a wonderful way to engage them and promote family cohesion in a culturally enriching way.”
Mr. Alfredo, a recent addition to Team BBX, added:”We are still not in the clear from the virus. It’s important to remind everyone out there that maintaining our use of PPE and adhering to protocols are what’s going to nip this in the bud. How better to do that than with a fun, interactive song and dance?!?”
Like so many arts nonprofits, BALLROOM BASIX USA has suffered tremendous losses due to this unprecedented pandemic. Despite this hardship, Dr. Dance and his team were determined to come up with an innovative response to COVID-19, and they certainly did so in a clever and innovative way to engage families and communities in a fun, safe and meaningful way!!
BALLROOM BASIX USA will be launching a “viral challenge” in conjunction with the release of the OFFICIAL VIDEO. Families & friends will have a chance to send in their homemade videos (from 6 ft. apart, of course!), and have a chance to win FREE “virtual” BBX dance classes, cool “MACORONARENA” merchandise, and a shot at a Grand Prize of a professionally produced video of their own with “Dr. Dance” himself!
Senior Teaching Artist Mr. Chris commented, “I’ve been doing this meaningful work for over a decade. Please share our video with everyone you know, and get ready to LEARN and DANCE the “MACORONARENA”—it’s good fun for a very good cause. And remember our meaningful motto: making manners matter…every move we make!”
BALLROOM BASIX USA is headquartered in Harlem, NY. Their unique, NON-competitive methodology has touched the young lives of more than 18,000 kids in 100+ NYC schools!