"I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for BALLROOM BASIX. The experience of dancing with other people and making new friends while dancing was great. When my teacher came up to us and said we are going to learn how to ballroom dance, though, my first thought was, "Oh, man! Why?" Going down to the auditorium that first day, I thought that I wasn't going to like it at all. But getting to meet my dance partner and be up on stage dancing was great. I overcame many obstacles I had; I am more outgoing and proud to say I could go up on a stage with no worries of being scared. 

I am in the 11th grade now and the thought of doing ballroom dancing brings me back to my middle school years. Mr. Sid was a great teacher. Meeting him for the first time was cool. It was like I knew him for a long time because of his attitude and the way he spoke to us kids. He was a man who had the crowd laughing, and all the students always spoke highly about him. I couldn't wait to have BALLROOM BASIX twice a week. I realized I was a natural leader...and very proud of myself, all because of Mr. Sid!"

— Simeon Boodram, former middle school student, PS 180  Harlem, NY


"I get to be myself when I'm in the BALLROOM BASIX program...'cause it's something good I can do!"

— Xavier Torres, former 6th grade student, PS 180  Harlem, NY


"It's so much fun!...and every year the steps have gotten more advanced!"

— Karen Santos, former 8th grade student, PS 180 Harlem, NY


"The greatest part about BALLROOM BASIX is getting to learn the dances...and you have really nice partners, and that's the greatest thing about BALLROOM BASIX!"

— Brendan Julian, former special needs 6th grader, PS 180  Harlem, NY


"I was always the girl to hide behind everyone and be alone in the corner of the room. But BALLROOM BASIX had a great impact on me. For instance, I got over my stage fright!...I LOVE being center stage now. Mr. Sid is a very outgoing and enthusiastic person. I mean, at times he could be tough, but who wouldn't if a roomful of 30 kids aren't listening to you!  I mean, to be honest, I hated ballroom dancing at first. I thought there was no point in learning it, but I realized I was wrong because it helped me with things in life. I am more comfortable walking up to just about anyone and introducing myself, and I found a new me, which I had been trying to find for a while. So I can say that my experience with BALLROOM BASIX was awesome, all thanks to Mr. Sid. I've been learning ballroom and latin dancing with him from the 5th to the 8th grade, and now I am in 9th grade and hoping to bring his program to my new school!"

Ferrisa Boodram, former middle school student, PS 180   Harlem, NY



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