Sid Grant's BALLROOM BASIX is enthusiastically bringing pride and self-respect to students through the art form of partner dancing. Qualities such as peer respect, body and mental control, coordination, courtesy, rhythm, elegance, respect of the opposite sex and, dare I say it...FUN!, are all elements of his curriculum. These dear qualities are fundamental to the healthy growth of young children – especially middle-schoolers, as they begin to negotiate the new territory of their adolescence. It is an honor to sit on the advisory board and support this
amazing work.

— Academy & Tony Award-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden


My experience this last year taking lesson with Sidney Grant has been a life-altering experience. The primary benefit for me has been my level of confidence, and my concentration. I wish I'd had this opportunity as a child. I can only imagine what it would have meant to earlier development of my social skills. I am so impressed with the concept of BALLROOM BASIX. This is an extraordinary opportunity for kids to develop significant skills of social interaction that will benefit them well beyond the dance floor! Anything that improves children's confidence and their ability to focus on the task at hand can only enhance their general education, and their lives beyond. This sort of training should really be on the curriculum of every school in this country – and Sidney Grant is just the person to make that happen! I am so loving this extraordinary Ballroom and Latin dance learning experience, and can only imagine that every child who works with Mr. Grant feels the exact same way!

— Sylvia Golden, VP, Complexions Contemporary Ballet & Roundabout Theatre



We wish to extend our congratulations on your launch of a not-for-profit to bring partner dancing non-competitively to schoolchildren! How fortunate that these students will benefit from your compassionate, clever approach to Ballroom and Latin dancing instruction. Good luck!

— Sabrina Martin, Director of Special Events, New York City Opera



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